Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Recording Studio

    The other day we went over to Aunt Donna and Uncle Stephen's friend's house. Their dog was adorable! He carried around a little soccer ball in his mouth and urged anyone who was willing to toss it for him. His owner, Jayne had a recording studio in the basement. We went down to take a look and she gave us a glimpse of what it's like to write and record a song.
    We brought the violin and Claire recorded a snippet of a piece she has been working on. After a bit of editing, it sounded absolutely beautiful. Then we did a little bit of improvisation with the violin and piano and were able to create a melodic piece. Sadly we didn't record it. :)
    Finally, Claire and I sang the old hymn It Is Well With My Soul by Horatio Spafford. I have always loved that song, partially because of it's intriguing backstory, which you can read about here. 
    It sounded weird listening to my own voice play back through the speakers.
    We went back upstairs and Jayne told us stories about people she had worked with in the past and that had gone on to become very prominent singers. Click Here for a link to her website where you can see some of the songs she has played a role in the writing and producing processes.
    After that, we went home and it got the wheels in my head turning. I have always been interested in music, but I've never really seen it as a possibility; mostly just a dream.
    Learning about all the people that Jayne helped find their voices made me realize that we are all people with certain talents and gifts that God has given us. What right do we have to keep them for ourselves?
    It was a wonderfully enriching experience and I hope somewhere down the road I will have the opportunity to do it again. :)

Until Next Time,
    Katherine Rose

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  1. I loved this post, and I agree with you,God has given everyone talents, and they definitely weren't intended to be hoarded. I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week!


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